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Recent Updates

[2012-03-25] Visit our friend-site official representative for JOMA sporting inventory

[2009-10-18] Launched this RC-0 site (i.e. this single page site) live.

[2009-10-18] Did the restructuring of this template to tweak it a little (moved menu to the top, some color changes). Considering the template part to be done now, let's move on to the coding fun.

[2009-10-11] Finally found a free template which I liked. Also found two others, but they weren't able to compete with this one.

Welcome to my web-home!

As you may have guessed by now, my name is Marijus. I am a web developer, interested in many things, most of which relate to web.

One of my web-interests is to finally make a proper website of my own! And I am working hard on this right now. This is the idea of how the website is going to look like, but construction works are underway in the Beta site - please feel free to check where I am right now. Also I will be marking more significant achievements in the news box on the left.